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LEFT: Author Kate DiCamillo at the 2015 Virginia Festival of the Book. Photo by Pat Jarrett RIGHT: BackStory History Guys at the Library of Virginia in Richmond. Photo by Pierre Courtois

This summer Virginia Humanities had the great fortune to receive a $1 million commitment from Barbara Fried, the chair of its Board of Directors, to endow and sustain Encyclopedia Virginia (EV). Fried has been passionate about EV from its birth in 2005 and its launch three years later, seeing the online publication as an important, authoritative history resource for students, teachers, and learners of all ages. “It’s essential for our citizens to have access to reliable information about Virginia,” she told us.

Programs such as EV make a real difference in Virginia, and generous gifts such as Fried’s are essential for making them possible. In recent years we have focused on the importance of making unrestricted gifts to the Virginia Humanities Annual Fund, which has been—and remains—our greatest need. But at the same time, Virginia Humanities has twelve programs in addition to EV, each providing critical humanities outreach across the Commonwealth and beyond. They all need support.

We want to take this opportunity to encourage our supporters, whether loyal members of our Cardinal Society or first-time donors, to find a Virginia Humanities program that makes a difference in your life or those around you. Consider your passions and interests. Whether it’s preserving folk traditions through the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program, digitizing the papers of Patrick Henry through Documents Compass, facilitating the appearance of authors in schools during the annual Virginia Festival of the Book, or producing national broadcast radio shows such as BackStory with the American History Guys and With Good Reason— chances are, Virginia Humanities has a program that fits.

One matter of particular urgency these days is preserving our unique programming. To meet this need, we are creating a project called Discovery Virginia, a searchable online database that will preserve all of Virginia Humanities’ digital programming and make it available to the public. There you’ll find videos of book festival events, audio recordings of folk artists, past episodes of radio shows, and many other irreplaceable recordings and videos. Consider it just one more way that Virginia Humanities provides Virginians of all ages with new opportunities to engage with their state’s history and culture.

You have dedicated a portion of your resources to Virginia Humanities over the years and we are truly grateful for your support. With your investment, Virginia Humanities has been able to produce more than 40,000 humanities programs and contribute to more than 3,000 grant projects across the Commonwealth and beyond. These are extraordinary numbers when you consider the intellectual depth associated with each of these projects.

We hope that Barbara Fried will serve as an inspiration to others who have connected with Virginia Humanities and want to get involved with one or more of its many programs. Thank you for your help in sustaining its strong future!

Humanities Cabinet

Unrestricted gifts of $2,500 +

  • John Andelin and Virginia Geoffrey 4
  • Chesapeake Corporation Foundation of the Community Foundation of Richmond and Central Virginia
  • Randolph W. Church Jr. 13
  • Susan and David Goode 6
  • Renee and John Grisham
  • Jerome S. Handler 20
  • Walter A. Jackson +
  • George A. Latimer 5
  • Anna and Tom Lawson 21
  • Catherine and W. Tucker Lemon 3
  • Frederick V. Malek
  • B. Thomas Mansbach 6
  • Maurie D. McInnis and Dean M. Johnson 3
  • Richard and Elizabeth Merrill 27
  • Charlotte and G. Gilmer Minor III 3
  • Michelle and Chris Olson 5
  • Taylor and Helen Reveley 14
  • Sally and Walter Rugaber 8
  • Robert C. and Ellen P. Vaughan 27

Humanities Associates

Unrestricted Gifts of $1,000 – $2,499

  • Frank B. Atkinson 3
  • Carolyn and Alex Bell 8
  • Bob and Liz Blue 4
  • Anne Brune
  • Elizabeth B. Smiley and Andrew S. Chancey 16
  • Nancy and Thomas Chewning
  • Robert M. Coffelt Jr. and Annetta J. Coffelt 4
  • Scott and Christine Colley 6
  • Ted DeLaney 6
  • Rhoda and Leonard Dreyfus 11
  • Barbara J. Fried 13
  • Joanne V. Gabbin 15
  • Michael and Virginia Galgano 13
  • Alexander and Wendy Haig
  • Susan Hamelin
  • Bebe Heiner 6
  • Jo Ann and Robert G. Hofheimer 17

  • Louise and George Kegley 5
  • The Honorable Elizabeth B. Lacy 5
  • Forrest and Barbara Landon 12
  • Binh The Nguyen
  • Robert C. Nusbaum and Linda Laibstain 27
  • Lynne O’Brien
  • Peter and Kristin Onuf 21
  • Daphne Maxwell Reid and Tim Reid
  • Rosel and Elliot Schewel 27
  • Leah and Vincent Sedwick
  • Marcy and Hunter Sims
  • Donna and Dennis Treacy
  • Peter Wallenstein and Sookhan Ho 20
  • Betty and Hays T. Watkins 26
  • Michael Wildasin 5
  • Dick and Marty Wilson 15
  • Andrew Wyndham and Susan Bacik 27
  • Suzanne and Glenn Youngkin 3


Unrestricted Gifts of $500-$999

  • Kathleen Craig and Brian Balogh 3
  • Charlene and Harlow Bickford 3
  • Ellen L. Brock and Joseph F. Borzelleca Jr.
  • The Buford Family Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia 6
  • Betty Ann Dillon 12

  • Corinne T. Field 5
  • Sandy and Ron Heinemann 23
  • Caitlin and David Levanson
  • Kevin J. McFadden and Angie R. Hogan 15
  • Elizabeth and Michael Kemp Murphy 3
  • Elizabeth P. Piper 6
  • Janet and Philip Schwarz 21
  • Barbara and Frank Shea 5
  • Mary Ellen Stumpf 3
  • Caroline B. Talbot
  • Suzanne and William Thomas
  • Jay M. Weinberg
  • Elizabeth L. Young and Robert R. Lovell 27


Unrestricted gifts $250-$499

  • Afsaneh Ambrose and Christopher Ambrose
  • Ash Lawn Opera Festival
  • Clay H. Barr 22
  • Elizabeth S. Barton
  • Melanie J. Biermann 12
  • Jeffery C. Bromm 4
  • Laura Browder 4
  • Charles Fund, Inc.
  • Rose Nan-Ping Chen
  • Tomoko Hamada Connolly
  • Sara and Charles Dassance
  • H. Stewart Dunn, Jr.
  • Elizabeth C. Fine 8
  • Ann and Doug Foard
  • Lesley Lee Francis
  • Robert E. Glenn 15
  • Oliver W. Hill Jr. 6
  • Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton 8
  • Carolyn and David Holmes 5
  • Jane Kerewich
  • Robert and Margaret Lloyd 3
  • Carl Lynch III 3
  • Jane and Preston Manning
  • Sarah McConnell and Bob Gibson 16
  • William Alexander and Cassandra Newby-Alexander 8
  • Tamara and Denis O’Sullivan
  • Gary Ratner
  • Angelita Reyes 5
  • Lucy H. Rice 6
  • Robert E. Stroud 5
  • Emma Violand-Sanchez 5
  • Susan and Ronald Williams 9

Program Patrons

Restricted gifts of $1,000 or more to specific VFH programs

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Terry Belanger
  • Laura H. Boland
  • Nancy and Fred Damon
  • Janet U. Eden
  • Emma C. Edmunds
  • Eric L. Fox
  • Bill and Alison Freehling
  • Jerome S. Handler
  • Sally and Stephen Herman
  • Jan Karon
  • Anna and Tom Lawson
  • Marlene and Fred Malek
  • Turk McCleskey
  • Binh The Nguyen
  • Gioia F. Riccio
  • Robert C. and Ellen P. Vaughan
  • Aubrey V. Watts Jr.
  • A. Camille Wells
  • Ted and Sheila McCarthy Weschler

The Cornerstone Society

Planned Giving

  • Frances H. Bulger
  • Randolph W. and Lucy Church
  • Tomoko Hamada Connolly
  • Emma C. Edmunds
  • Ron and Kathe Feinman
  • William W. Freehling
  • Barbara J. Fried
  • Susan Gaeta
  • Michael Jay Green
  • Jerome S. Handler
  • Sheryl B. Hayes
  • Robert C. Nusbaum
  • Elizabeth P. Piper
  • Daniele C. Struppa
  • Mary Ellen Stumpf
  • Thad W. Tate
  • Robert C. and Ellen P. Vaughan
  • Jorgen and Laura Burkhardt Vik
  • William and Jeanne Wiley
  • Richard T. and Martha R. Wilson
  • Elizabeth Louise Young

Complete List of Donors

View a list of all Virginia Humanities Donors in our 2015 Annual Report

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+ Deceased

Number following names indicates consecutive years of giving to Virginia Humanities.