Kellogg Events in Roanoke

Kellogg Grant Funding in Roanoke beginning February 1, 2019

Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities: Changing the Narrative (Roanoke): $16,000.

This request is for funds to support a series of six community meals to be held in “geographically and socially diverse neighborhoods” throughout the Roanoke Valley. The events are designed to build relationships, facilitate open discussions, and elicit personal stories that will expand and reshape past narratives of Roanoke’s history, especially with regard to race. The events will be held in the evenings and the meals will be offered free-of-charge. They will include story-sharing; featured speakers addressing topics related to Roanoke’s history; facilitated discussions; and brief performances by local artists. The emphasis is on local food and/or foods made locally and representing diverse food traditions. The project builds on a previous effort called “Roanoke Valley Unites,” which produced a “Social Contract” for the Roanoke community. The earlier project was co-facilitated by the United Way of Roanoke and Points of Diversity, with support from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders, the City Council, and the Roanoke NAACP.

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