Virginia Suite: Narrative Poems

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Brenda Marie Osbey - Photo by H. Baquet
Brenda Marie Osbey - Photo by H. Baquet

Virginia Humanities

145 Ednam Drive Charlottesville, VA

Virginia Humanities Fellow Brenda Marie Osbey Presents “Virginia Suite: Narrative Poems”

“Virginia Suite” is a historical narrative poem sequence that focuses on interactions of Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans in the earliest years of the Virginia Colony. Part of a larger project, it examines the place of Virginia in the exploration, settlement, and shaping of the Americas. It considers the import and impact of slavery and freedom, national and local identity, natural and built environments. It considers the role of Virginia in the shaping of North American and New World history, mythology, education, religion, law, and cultural identity.

Central to the project is the use of archival materials, including manuscripts, early maps, and other graphic depictions of physical and human geographies of Virginia and the Americas. The final product will be a manuscript of narrative poems with glossary, notes, and addenda to be submitted for publication upon completion.

Free and open to the public. A casual lunch will be provided.