Webinar Series: Transforming Historical Harms

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Eastern Mennonite University’s Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice is hosting a series of webinars to highlight narratives that can help historically divided communities explore the past, confront current issues, and move together into a shared future.

The first, “Transformative Community Conferencing” takes place Wed. Sept. 20 at 4:30 pm and features Dr. David Anderson Hook of the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Hook will discuss the role and practices of unveiling the hidden narratives that support and sustain conflict, as well as those that allow conflicting parties to move forward together. He will connect his discussion to the recent events in Charlottesville, Va.

Additional Discussion Topics

October 18- Truth-Telling on Race Relations in the US Context

This webinar will feature Dr. Thalia González as she delves into the racially biased policies placed upon native families, and discusses plans to launch restorative justice-based truth and reconciliation process in the United States.

November 15- Coming to the Table

This session will discuss the history of the Coming to the Table “approach” and the ways in which it helped address the unresolved and persistent effects of the historic institution of slavery.

December 13- Dealing with the Past from a Theological/Faith-based Practice

This webinar will discuss the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church’s four-year reconciliation effort following White Supremacist Dylan Roof’s massacre of nine people in Charleston, South Carolina. The webinar will explain the team structure of St. Paul’s efforts, the proposed timeline of events, and accomplishments to date.

Free, but registration is required.

This series of webinars is sponsored in part by a grant from Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

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