The Language Ghost

Culture & Identity  •  Virginia Indians

VCU Student Commons, Forum Room

907 Floyd Avenue Richmond, VA

Linguistic Heritage and Collective Identity Among the Monacan Indians

Karenne Wood, director of Virginia Indian programs at VFH, will participate as a guest speaker in the 2017 Alexandrian Society Spring Lecture,  The Language Ghost: Linguistic Heritage and Collective Identity Among the Monacan Indians.

The lecture will be part of the Alexandrian Society’s spring lecture symposium, which features speakers of esteemed academics from a variety of institutions and backgrounds. Amongst these lecturers include guests from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Columbia, and Duke.

Karenne Wood is an enrolled member of the Monacan Indian Nation who directs Virginia Indian Programs at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. She holds a MFA in poetry and a PhD in linguistic anthropology. She has worked at the National Museum of the American Indian as a researcher and at the Association on American Indian Affairs as a repatriation specialist. In 2015 she was honored as one of Virginia’s Women in History. Karenne is the author of two poetry collections, Markings on Earth (2000) and Weaving the Boundary, (2016). Her poems have appeared in such journals as The Kenyon Review, Orion, and Shenandoah.

This lecture is free and open to the public.