Stretching Skins & Stories: Taxidermy & the Confederacy as Endangered Species


Little Sorrel - Photo courtesy of VMI Museum, Lexington, VA
Little Sorrel - Photo courtesy of VMI Museum, Lexington, VA

Library of Virginia

800 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23219
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Join Virginia Humanities fellow Nicole Maurantonio, associate professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies and American Studies at the University of Richmond, for a free public talk on her research exploring memories of the Confederacy in 21st-century Virginia.

This talk will focus specifically on the meanings of the taxidermied body of Little Sorrel — Confederate general Stonewall Jackson’s warhorse — which is on display at Virginia Military Institute’s museum in Lexington.

Reading the revered Little Sorrel as a commemorative object, Maurantonio considers the horse and the practice of taxidermy in relation to contemporary debates surrounding the meanings of Confederate monuments.

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