Reclamation! Pan-African Works from the Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection

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Branded Head by Hank Willis Thomas. © Hank Willis Thomas
Branded Head by Hank Willis Thomas. © Hank Willis Thomas

Taubman Museum of Art

110 Salem Avenue SE Roanoke, VA 24011
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The Taubman Museum of Art will present “Reclamation! Pan-African Works from the Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection”, featuring more than one hundred works from various media highlighting the global migration of peoples across the world. The exhibiting artists create work that investigates the universal conversation of migration, history, race, and representation in art being made today. The exhibition captures the personal stories and collective histories of artists reflected through installations, videos, paintings, and sculptures.

A complementary project called “Personal Connections to Reclamation” is funded by a VFH grant. Through this project, Southwest Virginia-based refugees and immigrants from Africa will select works from the Reclamation! exhibition to serve as inspiration for telling their own stories of resettlement through personal artwork or brief written narratives developed through grant-funded workshops. These responses and reflections will be compiled in book form, and copies will be available in the galleries as supplemental interpretive educational material, enabling visitors to  match local “Personal Connections” to the global art they are viewing. The project will also feature a panel session showcasing “Personal Connections”  participants, and a diaspora scholar who will serve as a facilitator for the public panel.

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