Raucous Auction

Books & Literature

Virginia Center for the Book / Jefferson School City Center

233 4th Street NW, Charlottesville Virginia
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Please join us for the 14th annual Raucous Auction, to be celebrated in our new home studio at the Jefferson School. Delicious food, ample beverages, breathtaking prints, and the best place to find unique handmade gifts as the holiday season approaches.

Our featured exhibit is the 2018 member’s collaborative project, a flag-book (that you will want to call a feather-book) featuring a cacophonous compendium of the birds and bird calls of North America. More than twenty participants have spread their wings with original artwork and letterpress typesetting from our collection. Fly with us on opening night as this piece debuts for the public.

What else is special this year?

  • bid on recovered books from our COVER STORY contest
  • bird-inspired cocktails (as if a cocktail isn’t inspired enough)
  • A Pimento Catering
  • special experiences (event tickets or Rare Book School classes)

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