Old Traditions/New Virginians Folklife Celebration

Culture & Identity  •  Folklife

Library of Virginia

800 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23219
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Explore the sights and sounds of the “New Old” traditions of migrants who have come to Virginia within the last 30 years. This Folklife Celebration features traditions as varied as Vietnamese đàn bầu music (a one-stringed instrument), the exquisitely colorful Guatemalan alfombra (sawdust carpet) and dance, Hindustani raga singing, a Bolivian tinku dance group, and a Mexican mariachi band, as well as craft displays and demonstrations.

A collaboration of Virginia Humanities’ Virginia Folklife Program and the Library of Virginia, this vibrant, free event is one of the first public programs supporting the Library’s upcoming exhibition New Virginians: 1619–2019 and Beyond, which opens this December.

Made possible with support from American Evolution.

American Evolution

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