La Nona Kanta

The Remarkable Life of Flory Jagoda


Trio Sefardi (photo copyright Michael G Stewart)
Trio Sefardi (photo copyright Michael G Stewart)

Light House Studio at Vinegar Hill Theatre

220 W. Market Street, Charlottesville VA 22902
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“La Nona Kanta” is a tale of survival and courage. The program is a celebration of the life and work of Flory Altarac Jagoda, the National Heritage Award-winning, Bosnian-born Sephardic singer and composer, with live music by Susan Gaeta, Tina Chancey, and Howard Bass of Sephardic ensemble Trio Sefardi.

Flory Jagoda

Join us to explore archival family photographs, still images, original animation, and interviews of Flory Jagoda (footage from Flory’s Flame, courtesy of JEMGLO), who shares the true story of how music helped her to escape from Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia as a teenager. Discover how Flory turned the tragic fate of her family and Balkan Sephardic culture into a celebration of five centuries of faith and tradition, giving meaning to the rest of her life and delighting audiences worldwide.

“La Nona Kanta” is presented in collaboration with Light House StudioModern Knosh, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum‘s National Institute for Holocaust Documentation, and the Flory Jagoda Sephardic Music and Culture Fund at Virginia Humanities.

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