Civic Dialogue: Hampton’s Civil Rights Movement in Historical Perspective

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Hampton History Museum

120 Old Hampton Lane, Hampton, VA
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The Hampton History Museum will host a series of three Civic Dialogues designed to engage the public’s perception and experiences of the Civil Rights movement. To kick-off the series, the first dialogue, Hampton’s Civil Rights Movement in Historical Perspective, seeks to explore in-depth the changes and activities that happened at the local level throughout the 1960s. The event, mediated by museum executive Luci Cochran, will put the local movement’s relation to the larger sit-movement throughout the state and region by inviting other citizens working on or with knowledge about similar community projects such as those in Danville and Richmond.

The Dialogue seeks to address several important questions surrounding the movement. What did it mean in the 1960s to Hampton residents? How did attitudes change over the decades? What do we know about it now, how do we remember it, and how does it inspire our actions?

Hampton’s Civil Rights Movement in Historical Perspective
Monday, February 13, 7-8 pm

Facilitator: Luci Cochran, museum executive director

The Influence of the Civil Rights Movement in Hampton Roads Today
Monday, March 20, 2017, 7-8 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Cassandra Newby Alexander, Norfolk State University

The Future of the Civil Rights Movement
Monday, April 24, 2017, 7-8 pm

Facilitator: Professor Robert Watson, Hampton University

The program series is funded in part by a grant from Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

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