Changing the Narrative: Author Residencies

Marc Boston author residency March 2018
Marc Boston author residency March 2018

Changing the Narrative includes twenty-four short-term author residencies coordinated by the Virginia Center for the Book to bring diverse-background authors to 3rd – 12th grade student audiences in the six designated communities.

Each residency consists of two school appearances with the visiting author and the development of hands-on narrative-based activities for each student. Residencies also include a public program in collaboration with city libraries.

From these residencies we aim to influence children, families, and communities to believe in the innate power of storytelling as a foundation for creating social change and striving for equity. Residency activities focus on embracing one’s own story and having the self-confidence to share it with others.

Authors selected to participate in Changing the Narrative are primarily Virginia-based writers of color. Each author, school, and library make a concerted effort to provide engaging content that will encourage students to reconsider and, ultimately, appreciate the power of their personal narrative.

This program seeks to enrich the learning of under-served students from diverse backgrounds, encouraging schools to choose an author whose background or work is especially relevant to their student body.

How to Apply

If you are a teacher interested in bringing a Changing the Narrative author residency to your classroom, please send a letter of interest that includes your location and student grade to Bellamy Shoffner at [email protected]. Please note that Changing the Narrative is taking place only in Arlington, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke, and Harrisonburg.

If you are Virginia-based author who would like to be considered for an author residency please send your letter of interest to [email protected].\

Author Titles

Here is a sample selection of Changing the Narrative authors’ titles.