Remembering Pete Seeger

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It was with heavy hearts that we heard the news of Pete Seeger’s passing. Seeger was an icon of American Folk Music that we had the pleasure of meeting in 2001 at the Virginia Festival of the Book.

Susan Coleman, VFH Center for the Book Director, arranged for Seeger to visit B.F. Yancey Elementary School where he performed his famous children’s story Abiyoyo, led the student body in song, and shared stories from his book Pete Seeger’s Storytelling Book.

The visit was followed by a very generous gift from Seeger and his coauthor Paul Jacobs to Motheread and Fatheread programs, including the Virginia Foundation’s, across the United States.

Here’s how the event was remembered in the Fall 2002 edition of VFH Views.


A Time to Plant: Seeger Gives Family Literacy Gift

During the March 2001 Virginia Festival of the Book, folksinger and writer Pete Seeger performed in person at the B.F. Yancey Elementary School in Albemarle County, delighting the audience with his songs and stories.

Several months later, Seeger and coauthor Paul Jacobs generously donated 512 copies of Pete Seeger’s Storytelling Book to the national office of Motheread and Fatheread in Raleigh, N.C., to demonstrate their appreciation of the work Motheread and Fatheread is doing nationally. The books have since been distributed to Motheread and Fatheread programs across the United States.

During Seeger’s visit to Albemarle County, he performed his famous children’s story Abiyoyo. At the same event, Motheread and Fatheread honored the fathers who had participated in the school’s Fatheread books discussion group led by teachers Phil Fellows and Al Quist.