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MiniBookCatalogVirginia Arts of the Book Center has embarked on their most ambitious Annual Member’s Project to date. Currently they’re in the process of creating “a bakers dozen” (at least) of Miniature Books.

Each volume will be it’s own tiny treasure (2″x3″) of the bookmakers’ art and craft. Given the scope of this project and the need to supplement current resources, they started a KickStarter fundraiser.

The Basics:
-VABC plans to raise $6,000 in support of new type, paper cutting, and press equipment acquisitions that will be vital to complete the miniature book project (and many more projects to come!)

-They’ll have about 21 days to let people know that giving comes with rewards from our many years of collaborative projects

As you know with Kickstarter, if you don’t make your goal of $6,000…no one is charged and VABC gets no proceeds. It’s all or nothing.

So…now that the launch is live…watch the video! If it inspires you, look for a level of support you’d want to make and then think of friends to tell about the Kickstarter.


for more information contact:
Garrett Queen
VABC Program Director
[email protected]

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