Encyclopedia Receives One Million Visits


Five years after its launch and with more than nine hundred entries online, Encyclopedia Virginia has received one million visits.

In honor of reaching that milestone, here’s a selection of some of EV‘s most visited entries.

Most Visited Entries

Jefferson Davis

“Tall, lean, and formal, Davis was considered to be the ideal leader of the Confederacy upon his election in 1861, despite the fact that he neither sought the job nor particularly wanted it.”

Creation of West Virginia

“West Virginia was recognized by the United States government as the thirty-fifth state on June 20, 1863, an event that was the culmination of more than sixty years of heated sectional politics and legislative maneuverings.”

Pickett’s Charge

“The Confederate infantry marched at around two o’clock, emerging from the woods below Seminary Ridge and urged on by Pickett’s cry, ‘Don’t forget today that you are from Old Virginia!'”