Levels of Support

VFH is very grateful for the support we receive from donors at all levels and recognizes all gifts in our Honor Roll, published each fall in the VFH Annual Report.

The Annual Fund

Unrestricted gifts to Annual Fund act as a vote of confidence in VFH and represent an opportunity for our donors to invest in VFH’s most pressing priorities. They allow us to meet our everyday needs, and also to provide the support required to sustain the operations and ensure the financial security of each of our thirteen programs. In many ways, unrestricted donations bring the greatest benefit to VFH because they impact all of our programs, and by extension, everyone in our community.

Humanities Cabinet

Members of the Humanities Cabinet make unrestricted gifts of $2,500 or more in a given fiscal year.

Humanities Associates

Unrestricted gifts of $1,000 to $2,499


Unrestricted gifts of $500 to $999


Unrestricted gifts of $250 to $499


Unrestricted gifts up to $249

Program Patrons

Each year, VFH programs benefit tremendously from the generosity of individual donors, some of whom make gifts of considerable note. We are pleased to acknowledge VFH Program Patrons, who make restricted gifts of $1,000 or more to a specific VFH program or programs in a given fiscal year.

Special and Restricted Gifts, Grants, and Sponsorships

Restricted gifts of less than $1,000 to specific programs, as well as grants and sponsorships, receive recognition in our Honor Roll. The same is true for in-kind contributions.

Cardinal Society

A society for consecutive giving

VFH is fortunate to receive support from a very special community of committed, long-term donors, and we recognize their loyalty through the Cardinal Society. Members of the Cardinal Society make a financial contribution, either unrestricted or restricted, to VFH for three or more consecutive years. There is no dollar threshold or minimum requirement.

We recognize Cardinal Society members in our Annual Report. Benefits include invitations to special events, notification of activities of interest happening in the donor’s area, and a small gift on anniversary years.

Cornerstone Society

A society for donors of planned gifts

The Cornerstone Society recognizes donors who have made provisions for VFH in their wills or through another planned giving vehicle. Because these are long-term, income-producing gifts, they serve as the cornerstone for future growth and contribute to the expansion of public humanities and scholarship throughout Virginia.

Corporate and Foundation Gold Circle

The VFH Corporate and Foundation Gold Circle recognizes the generous support VFH receives from corporations, foundations, and other organizations at the $3,000 level or above in a given fiscal year. We are very grateful for these contributions and acknowledge their significance each year in the Honor Roll.