VFH Logos

We ask that you use the full logo including the VFH tagline “Explore the Past, Discover the Future” whenever possible. In cases where the logo is very small or there is not room to accommodate the tagline it is acceptable to use a version without the tagline. However, the VFH logo should not appear without “Virginia Foundation for the Humanities” spelled out next to it.

Download Zip file with selection of VFH logos

If you need a special version of the logo not included in the above zip file, please contact the VFH webmaster (vafh-web@virginia.edu).

Crediting VFH

Grantees should provide an acknowledgement or credit line on all websites and printed materials related to the grant.

Sample credit lines:

“This program has been funded in part by a grant from Virginia Foundation for the Humanities”

“…with the generous support of Virginia Foundation for the Humanities”