Non-Residential Fellowships

VFH non-residential fellows are typically former residential fellows who are completing scholarly research and writing projects.  Their affiliation with VFH may extend beyond their residential appointment or an association may be formed years after a Fellow’s first appointment as a VFH fellow. Our non-residential fellows are appointed to a discrete term while they complete their projects. They are invited to participate in all VFH Fellowship Program events.

Ed Ayers
University of Richmond
The Thin Light of Freedom:
The Civil War and Reconstruction in the Heart of America.

George Carras
Washington & Lee
Two Diaspora Jews:  Flavius Josephus and Paul of Tarsus

Carolyn Eastman
Virginia Commonwealth University
The Strange Genius of Mr. O: Oratory and Transatlantic Fame in Early America

Margaret Edds
Independent Writer
We Face the Dawn: Oliver Hill, Spottswood Robinson and the Death of Jim Crow

Bill Freehling
Independent Author
The Falls and Rises of Abraham Lincoln

Ashley Hairston
Elon College
The Shadow of Olympus: Classics and African America Literature: 1910 -2010

Mary Knighton
Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo
William Faulkner; Posthumanism in Modern Japanese Literature and Culture

Preston Lauterbach
Independent Author
Valley of the Kings

Deborah Lee
Independent Scholar
Trouble the Water: Antislavery Activism in the Upper Potomac Borderland

Mary Lyons
Independent Author
Dark Passage: How 50 Boys, 100 Slaves, and 1500 Irishmen Built the Most Dangerous Railroad Tunnel in the World, Independent Scholar

Aprilfaye Manalang
Norfolk State University
The Role of Military Service & Religion in Shaping American Citizenship: Comparative Analysis of Filipino-Americans, Protestants and Catholics

Katherine McNamara
Independent Author
The Animal Stories of Peter Kalifornsky

John Ragosta
Independent Scholar
Patrick Henry: Federalist

Jamie Ross
Independent Author
Common Ground: People, Place, and Food in the American South

Whit Sheppard
Independent Author
Slow Train to Eminence: The Life of Arthur Ashe

Fran Slayton
Independent Author
A Taste of Vinegar

Kristin Swenson
Independent Scholar
The Misunderstood Bible

Beth Taylor
Independent Scholar
The Rise and Disillusionment of the Black Elite, 1860-1920

Kathleen C. Wilson
Independent Scholar
History of the Southern Industrial Educational Association (1905-1926)

Camille Wells
Independent Scholar
Material Witnesses: The Domestic Architecture of Early Virginia

Henry Wiencek
Independent Author
Gilding the Metropolis: The Lives of Stanford White and Augustus Saint-Gaudens